Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act
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Word of Mouth - Testimonials

From Slaying the Dragon Alumni

Note: In certain instances, quotes are correct but names have been withheld due to the policy of certain major studios not permitting employees to be involved in promotion outside of their studio.

This approach absorbs and goes beyond all other systems of story analysis available. Chris Vogler, Author "The Writerís Journey, Mythical Structure for Storytellers & Screenwriters

For the actor, the course gives a greater understanding of the dramatic layers of the script and the emotional motivation of the character. Paul Mercurio, Actor (STRICTLY BALLROOM)

This paradigm is a stairway deep into the heart of Story. Gerard Lee (co-writer of Jane Campionís SWEETIE; writer/director ALL MEN ARE LIARS)

What did I like about this seminar? - "The whole dam lot. Thanks heaps. John Hipwell (Producer, SPAA)

Itís like learning piano. Iíve done "the scales"... Syd Field etc. This course takes what you know of scales and shows you how to make music with the notes; the order of the notes driven by the characters of the piece I want to play. Reneť Brack (writer, AWG, Journalist)

SLAYING THE DRAGON was hands down the best and most accessible screenwriting course I have taken. It was instrumental in helping me find and fix the problems in my comic book work and also helpful in translating that work into a feature screenplay. Writer, creator of The Chemist for Image Comics

Based on real understanding of human psychology, this course opens the way into writing characters of depth and genuine motivation. I found it a compelling seminar, taught with enthusiasm and expertise... very much a 'hands on' approach. Applying the principles of "The Second Act Story" removes any 'vagueness' from character and motivation and provides the writer with a strong position from which to defend or prosecute artistic decisions. Gabrielle Lord, (Author, FORTRESS, WHIPPING BOY, THE SHARP END, AWG)

Thanks so much for your SLAYING THE DRAGON class. Your teaching style coupled with your real life film making experience made for an incredibly insightful and entertaining experience. Writer

The wide variety of your film examples perfectly proved your theories clearly and without pretension. After taking your class the daunting challenge of writing Act II feels manageable and fun. Writer

The practical lessons that I learned in your class have not only helped my screen writing but helped rid me of the fear that was holding me back from completing screenplays that I had started and never finished. Hurrah, for SLAYING THE DRAGON. Thanks again. Writer

And again, thanks for a fantastic class. You were able to make the idea of character arc soooo much more understandable and accessible and take it away from the cliche "character arc" explanations that one gets from all the other sources. Writer

Your choice of films absolutely proved your points. And your analysis of the second act has helped me immensely in my endeavors as a screenwriter. I'm giving your class the highest recommendation. All the best. Writer

Thanks again so much for these sessions. Best teacher we've had. Excuse me, FILMMAKER.. She (Lynda) communicates these ideas better than anyone! And I'm one of many saying that. Writer

Did I learn something? Absolutely! The content is very enlightening and very well laid out. I wish I could spend more time with the Presenter. Lynda is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the craft. She deftly leads you through the material without being heavy-handed or oblique. SLAYING THE DRAGON is a very well-rounded look at what a complete and full-bodied screenplay should strive for in its structure. I would definitely recommend this course. Writer

Most importantly, I found the way SLAYING THE DRAGON combines character and plot; and does so with such depth, clarity and understanding of what goes on both within a scene and in terms of the overall picture, to be just terrific and sure to help me make leaps with my own work... Tim Naden (writer)

A week after completing the course I was able to finish my next feature film treatment. This explosive course breaks down the Hero's Journey and picks up where Joseph Campbell and Vogler stopped. Peter Mether (writer/director - The Dark Redemption)

This course opens the locked door. Brett Southwick (Editor, ASE)


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