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Script Consulting Services

For Hollywood and Beyond

Our objective with script consulting is simple: to save you months of development time and costs and help you bring your best project to the page or screen. We can work with: studios; producers and their creative teams; and individual writers with projects in development.

We can also work with green-lit projects that are nearing or in production and require urgent assistance.

The Full Day Script Consulting sessions operate in an intense think-tank environment that involve both Lynda Heys and Steve Turnbull or one of the team working with your writers, producers and other creative players.

While you are the creators and this is your project, the more open you are to the process the more constructive it is likely to be.

Services Offered:
Initial Read plus One Hour Face-to-Face or Phone/Skype Conversation

This will highlight major issues and suggest specific directions you could take your material.

Initial Read plus Think-Tank Style Consultation Session for up to One Day

This workshop session will highlight your projectís development strengths and weaknesses, break down the characters, look at the overall plot structure, and brainstorm approaches to resolving central script concerns. Specific scenes and sequences will be addressed, in particular, dealing with the second act.

Initial Read plus Think-Tank Style Consultation Session for up to Two Days

This intense session will work toward a detailed breakdown of characters, sequences and story structure (including all the major scenes and sequences through the second act) with the goal being that a revised and working screenplay can be written straight off this session.

Follow-up Reads and Consultations

Additional reads and sessions will revise and fine tune the work.

Please Note:
Due to our schedule and the fact that all scripts are read by us NOT outside readers we can only offer limited script consulting services.

A day consists of a single block of up to six hours (including reasonable breaks) plus appropriate lunch or dinner breaks.

Skype and phone conferences can be scheduled however, meeting face-to-face is highly recommended, in particular for one or two day sessions.

  1. If the Slaying the Dragon team is in your town at the time of consultation there is no additional travel cost incurred

  2. If you wish for our team to come to you, travel costs (flight / accommodation / travel / per diems) are at your productionís expense.

  3. If you wish to come to us, travel / accommodation can be suggested.

Your screenplays are not farmed out to other parties for assessment. They remain in-house, private and confidential.

For One of Two Day sessions you are welcome to provide a suitable venue (e.g. conference room). Alternately, a host venue can be organized by Slaying the Dragon with cost of venue covered by your team.

We require a release form to be signed by Authors prior to reading original Material. After we have received a signed release form your Material can be emailed as a PDF or snail mailed as a hard copy.

Unless previously arranged, scripts cannot exceed more than 140 pages and must be in accepted industry format. Treatments and concepts cannot exceed 30 pages, all to be in 12 point courier or similar.

For queries, further information or to organize to speak with us regarding a Script Consultation please email:



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