Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act
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Our Philosophy

SLAYING THE DRAGON is not about rules, it’s about choices. It’s about being honest to your characters, and understanding their behavior and the journeys they are on. Only then do you earn the freedom to go in any direction, guarantee to make it real for your audience and ensure they care.

So who are these Dragons that must be slain?

For the writer it may well be the blank page, the terror of starting a new script. The thought that you may not be able to express that burning idea that drives you.

For the screenplay’s plot, it could be the bad guy wielding a weapon, an Alien from outer space, a competition, or a ticking clock.

And for the heroes of your stories, the Dragons are perhaps their very own flaws and fears.

We know one thing for sure — the Dragon lies within all of us — on every page.

Good luck on your quest.

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