Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act Slaying the Dragon Secrets of the Second Act
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Master Class in Screenplay Development

Breakdown of the Day

Session 1 9am-10.45am
The Diamond in the Rough:
This session defines and builds the "flawed" hero before creating the basic structure, characters and worlds for the journey to unfold.


Session 211am-1.15pm
The Second Act Story:
The movement of the hero (internally and externally) through the second act is not about formula, its about choices that are honest to the characters. We look at the detail of the second act world including the critical scenes and sequences that must play out for the journey to progress - before the worlds, character journey and plot merge for the third act climax.


Session 32pm-5.30pm (includes 15 min break)
Across the Genres:
Explores the concepts introduced in Session 1 - 2 through examining various films across the genres. Why creative and commercial hits that seem worlds apart are in fact more similar than we could possibly imagine. This session details the role of supporting characters and subplots. Discusses spin offs and sequels.


Session 46pm-9pm
Pulling it all together:
We study a mainstream "Master" in its entirety, stopping and starting to discuss and review concepts from the day.

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